Equipoise cycle and More hormones for muscle growth

Do you know what causes muscles to grow? That’s right, anabolic hormones, equipoise. Let’s enumerate: testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormone. So, from the point of view of any medical, training with “iron” – a time-consuming method of influence on their own hormonal system, in order to “squeeze” out of it a little more “growth” hormone. Actually, the way it is. Sami estimate, in our body there is only one way out: in response to pressure to raise athletic secretion of anabolic hormones. Active inflow hormones cause muscle tissue to grow muscle, the muscle will become longer and therefore stronger.

Meanwhile, the exercise not the only way to spur job hormonal glands.

There are other methods. In particular, a special diet, nutritional supplements and restful sleep. If you put together all these “growth factors”, the set of muscle mass, of course, cool accelerate. Before you specific advice about the main anabolic hormones.


This hormone has the largest “Rostov” potential. The only problem is that it affects a bunch of secret factors, and all the worse. Here and poor nutrition, and arrhythmias “sleep-wake”, nervous overload, psychological stress, unhealthy environment, genetics, and so unfortunate.

So, if you take a selective measure testosterone levels in different strokes, you get a huge range of values: from 1200 monograms per deciliter of blood (healthy!) To 300 monograms (sad!). Incidentally, the high level of testosterone today only few have seen. Well, in order to “grow”, this hormone should be a lot, a lot…

How to increase the secretion of testosterone?

Yes, very simple – eat more fat! A secret that fats – direct feed to the “production” of testosterone. When they do not have enough testosterone, of course, to “do” out of nothing. It turns out that a bodybuilder, “cut” fat calories for muscular “relief”, beats himself on the sorest point! And do not even think to object! All this is a thousand times checked-retransmission-vireo science! Those vegetarians chronically low levels of testosterone, and transplant them on fatty meat diet, and all the men again become full.

It should be emphasized that in the case of deficiency of fat does not help most any proper diet. Scientists planted strokes on a diet with an ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrates, but the ultra-low levels of testosterone remained until in the diet did not add in the good fats. As a result, firmly established that the content of the peak of his “native” jock testosterone is at 30% of fats in your daily menu. And if he was not very lucky with genetics, that is a reason to add another 10%! In short, 40% – this is a solid guarantee of complete order testosterone.

And what will happen if the “inject” an even more fat? Nothing! Testosterone, on the contrary, decreases.

Everyone knows that there is fat “healthy” and “unhealthy”. However, in reality, the situation is murky. The label often write one, but what is contained within something else. How to be? Experts advise is this: a minimum of fat in the usual dishes, but in the morning you pour a couple tablespoons of flax or hemp oil. Plus you buy at the pharmacy capsules fat “omega-3” and once or twice a week “miss” by serving fairly fatty salmon. But! Do not even look in the direction of fish canned in oil. Oil there was not “fishy”, and the cheapest, refined.

Growth hormone (GH)

This hormone – a brutal thing in terms of anabolism. Suffice it to recall, as the increase in teenagers gain: a month or two, and they do not know. Pitching making synthetic GH injections confirms: “Prêt! Yes, and how! “Maybe you get hooked on injections! In no case! Growth hormone is not to know, and raising everything. Yes, you add muscle, but along the way will go to the growth of your cartilage. Well, imagine the size of the ears 45! Or the huge gnarled hands as Dracula! By the way, our lower jaw is suspended on thick cartilaginous bundles, which are particularly “love” to grow from HGH. So, if the guy’s face resembles a hat flattened nail (large nodules and massive jaw of Pithecanthropus), once it is clear: to move from the GR.

What is the conclusion? It is better to “stretch” in the natural methods: the body does not harm him. The most remarkable – good night’s sleep. The first release of GH occurs in 30-40 minutes after falling asleep, and then ripple repeated every two to three hours. It’s great to lie down during the day – for an hour. To place had a one-time release of GH.

The second way – receiving amino-stimulants. In the first place there – arginine to lysine in the company. Take one and a half grams of both at once. If within half an hour the body will spread a pleasant warmth and drowsiness, then it worked. No? Slightly add a dose.

A similar effect has the amino acid ornithine and – from 3 to 12 years at a time (with the possible poprinimat arginine and lysine).

Last surprise of science – the amino acid glutamine. Previously, somehow no one came to check on her head with a “hormonal” point of view. And then it turned out that only 2 grams of glutamine dissolved in a conventional cola provide particularly powerful emission GR.

And what if we replace the amino acid glutamine deshovoe his fellow – glutamic acid? Alas, no sense!

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1)

This hormone is not so well studied medicine; however, there is real evidence that the strength anabolic IGF-1 is far superior to testosterone. Those pitching, who took bodybuilding supplements with this hormone for a long time, crying bitter tears. He raises everything, but for some reason has a particular fondness for the intestines. Guts and become larger and thicker. As a result, skater’s jock gets typical beer belly.

In short, there is much more useful and healthy methods of stimulation of the secretion of IGF-1 by the same power. Peak secretion of the hormone is observed when 2 grams of protein per kilogram weight of your own. You’ll eat less, get less IGF-1.

It is better if the protein is an animal: milk, eggs, chicken, beef and fish. An excellent source of protein – powdered whey protein. If you are found money poprinimat free amino acids.

Between the protein in your diet and secretion of IGF-1 is a direct link. And if so, then here’s the rule: when you sit on a diet and trim the total number of calories, proteins do not touch. Otherwise, the secretion of IGF-1 will fail, and your muscles will not respond to training.

On the other hand, it is impossible to touch the protein. Excess protein for the body – the poison. He suffers from liver, kidney, and more than that – decreases production of testosterone. Maximum single dose of protein – 30-35, the Eat more, do not get nothing but harm.


With him the hardest. In theory, the insulin “delivery” into the muscle glucose – “live” energy to the muscle cells. It would seem that more insulin – more power. But no, the cells are not ready to take insulin as much as necessary. And then the game is over not a good role – converts blood glucose into body fat.

It is generally known that insulin released carbohydrates force. If you think that, say, the more carbohydrates and equipoise results, the more insulin you are mistaken. It’s all about the “quality” carbs. Sweets make erupt downright insulin waterfalls. But oatmeal, no matter how much you ate it or causes poor insulin secretion. Hence the conclusion: when your energy is exhausted to the limit (for example, after a workout or at the end of the day), it is better to take “sweet” carbohydrates. But at other times better to prefer sweets “moderate” carbohydrates – porridge, vegetables and other cereals, pasta. In general, there should be no more than 50% of carbohydrates in your diet. This ensures that the insulin secretion is optimal.

How to build up. Equipoise and Questions of theory and practice.

Well-kea dropped his pants. Yes, if you – a fan of mid-statistic, we can say with equipoise cycle and confidence that your feet are far from ideal. You may wonder where to start? Yes, even with these seven rules! Here is the theoretical basis of the effective “foot” of the program.

  1. Understand the difference between exercises

To begin with especially clear about “foot” anatomy. Your lower limbs are three joints – the knee. Ankle and hip. Each joint service their muscles, so if you want to load the legs, as they say from the bottom up, you need to choose an activity, “including” all three joints. The choice here is small. We are talking about squats and their variations – leg press and hack pressman.

It operates one joint in the leg extension – the knee. The curls – is also one knee. Rise on your toes – this is the work of the ankle. One might think that exercise odnosustavnye “profitable. «For example, in the weight of the barbell squat is sprayed around the legs array, but in the whole extension of the load precisely fit into the quadriceps. However, it is not.

For reasons of anatomical order, you are able to sit down with a huge weight, and in specific terms by the load will fall quads obviously more than that, you can give them to the extension. Why then need extension?

Firstly, by extension, you can selectively add a quadriceps strain, if you fall behind. Secondly, the extension form rounded convex shape quadriceps, do not do sit-ups. From sit-ups at many of the increases patellar quadriceps. In other words, we are talking about the impact parameter “cosmetic” effect on the muscle. Well, polyarticular movement works “on the weight.”

  1. Do a workout

We used to think that the warm-up – it is insurance against injuries. Articular tissues like plasticize. With increasing temperature, they become softer, more elastic. So due to the warm-up and really can reduce the risk of sprains, micro-breaks, etc. On the other hand, the amplitude of the exercise “foot” is not so great – why be afraid? But with the warm-up, you can lose strength, which are so necessary when pumping feet with huge weights. So even the guys with the experience of trying to warm up to “save”. Leg Press couple of sets are made ​​with light weight, and that is enough. But here’s a new discovery of Sports Medicine. It turns out that the return of exercises depends on the power of the nerve impulse that receives muscle.

Do not confuse power with force. Strength – this is when you’re trying to lift a sack of potatoes alone, and power – this is when the same grab bag just ten men.

So, the output level increases gradually, according to its laws. The muscle is “Generators”, which accumulated nervous energy first, and then send it on along the nerve axon – in muscle tissue depth.

Once again, to force it all the muscles has little relevance. Immediately after a couple of warm-up sets, you can easily go on record weight in the squat, and beat him. However, in terms of further muscle growth efficiency of squats will be minimal. In other words, the muscles have to act like a stale car in the garage. First you need to “drive” it at idle. This activates the muscle nerve network and the effectiveness of the exercises will increase many times.

So how do you need to warm up? Start with a 10-minute aerobic workout on a stationary bike or stepper. The load must be such that you have a little sweat. Next, do a couple of light stretching exercises quadriceps, gluts, hamstrings and calves, each time staying in a stretched position (without biasing) for 20-30 seconds.

Many people try to warm up leg extensions, but this exercise works mainly on the quads. Preferably the leg press, as it is also accompanied by movement in the hip joint. Due to this, warm up the muscles of the pelvis, waist, buttocks and hamstrings. Do the three warm-up sets with light weight and a large number of repetitions (15-20) – in any case not before the muscle “failure”! – And consider that you are ready for serious work.

TIP: To the feet of the pump as a warm-up exercise, use the leg press.

  1. Begin training with “massanabornogo” movement

Now comes the turn of the big weights – for that you, in fact, and warming up. Consequently, the first exercise must be very serious (leg extension to those explicitly does not apply).

So, what exercise you choose? We must begin with squats, hack squats or presses down, though squats still slightly preferable. There has to keep the balance, and this is an additional load on the muscles. Together stronger muscles a lot of useful, including, in the lumbar region. It is believed that squats are dangerous to the waist, but this opinion is pro Milos Sartre amateurish said: “Do not listen to those who call squats” dangerous “exercise. Dangerous not squat, and excessive weight. All you have to do is start with a “blank” fret board to learn the proper technique. And then start to increase weight, avoiding technical errors. Squats hurt those who have not yet had time to understand the technology, and is already trying to master the enormous weight. ”

“Star” fitness Monica Brant usually crouches in the simulator, Smith: “I recommend that all women of this simulator. Differences with the squat are almost there, but it is convenient and safe. Squats require a spotter partner, and he is not always at hand. Smith simulator allows training alone without loss of “quality”.

Squats cannot fit you anatomically – due to the high growth or enslaved hip. In this case, select the leg presses and hack squats. In any case, begin to swing the legs you need to exercise, which forces to work just two joints – the knee and hip.

Hack squats – a heavy basic exercise

  1. Pick the second comprehensive exercise

Legs – a huge muscle mass, and one polyarticular exercises for them is not enough. If, say, you start with squats, perform “in pursuit” leg press or hack squat if the first was the leg press, the second number can go hack squats. The main thing that you have not violated the optimal sequence of exercises: first movement with free weights, and then in the simulator.

The exercises with free weights that require muscle coordination cannot be done in a state of physical and mental fatigue. Firstly, the risk of injury, and secondly, you cannot give everything 100 percent, since the task of maintaining the balance will be much more difficult. As a result, you will only think about how not to be filled up with a barbell.

Lunges – this is the best exercise for the. Do not do lunges with a barbell. Dumbbells better.

  1. Do lunges

Lunges – polyarticular is the best exercise for the buttocks. In fact, they work the same muscle groups as the squat, but the lion’s share of the load falls on the gluteal muscles. It offers a wide choice of options.

The most that neither is on the base (the poet would have said “the program”) is considered to be “stationary” attack. You straddle the manner disclosed scissors (one foot ahead of the other in the back). Well, then squat on the “front” leg specified number of times. After completing the set one foot, you change the position of the feet and squat on the other foot.

Lunges are not recommended to do with a barbell – too dangerous. It is best to pick up on healthy weights, and even to each primo tat gymnastic wrist strap.

Considered the second most important upgrades on the support. You put your foot on the surface of the bench and the strength of one foot climb to the bench. There are walking lunges, side lunges, reverse lunges. In any case, start with the minimum weight, so that the muscles to “remember” the movement. Anyway, do not really lean on weight. Make allowances for the fact that this is the third in your exercise.

Isolation exercises should be put at the very end of the complex.

  1. Add exercises to “isolate”

After a “hard” exercises polyarticular’s time to move on to “odnosustavnym” movements. Now you can “isolate” quads using the leg extension. Many people think that recovery phase is the most important here. In fact, it is not. Extensor legs powerful dynamic movement, but the lower the weight slowly emphasized. In this case, the pumping muscle “work” phase of muscle tension (instead of reducing, as in other exercises). For the feet, there are two fairly good “simulator” exercises: located on the inner thighs, and allocating muscles holding them (hip) outer surface.

In the first case you reduce your knees while sitting, while the second – a divorce. In these isolated movements it makes sense to do more than repeats – then you “pull out a” deepest layers of muscle tissue. You can even apply something from the “shock therapy”, for example, forced repetitions or drop-sets – it will only increase the effect. Just remember. Both exercises should not be done in one workout – either reduce their knees, or divorce. If you do the exercises again, they lose their effectiveness.

  1. How many reps?

The optimal weight, causing muscle “failure” somewhere in the 8-9 repetition. If you can easily “rattle off” 10 repetitions, or even more, then the weight is too small for you. If you barely falls short of the second repeat, then you are clearly overdone weight.

On the other hand, do not perform all the exercises on the same standard scheme – three sets of 8-10 repetitions: it is the right way to the notorious “plateau”. If the first set is done in 10 replicates, in the second it is necessary to lift the weight and reduce the number of repetitions to 8. In the third set it is to lose weight and do at least 15 reps. and do not be afraid to try new things.

Many professional bodybuilders swing foot a huge number of repetitions. So you try to experiment with circuits 12, 15 and 25 repetitions.

Legs are usually trained three times every two weeks. However, once a year you should carry out equipoise steroid and the program of “foot” of specialization. Within 6-8 weeks of swing legs twice a week. The third day dedicates the rest of the muscles. Each do 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps – no more! We spread it is not necessary in this training, it has supporting character. All the forces drop in pumping legs!



How important supplements in fitness and equipoise cycle?

Many of those who prefer to maintain weight and health without the use of sports nutrition and equipoise, one should take note that the industrial revolution led to the sedentary lifestyle (reduction in physical labor requirements) and the use of refined foods / convenience foods, which, in turn, adversely effect on weight management.

The environment is changing faster than we can adapt. Organisms many of us with age accumulate excess energy (fat) in order to use it when we cannot find food on a regular basis or have experienced the need to use energy for physical activity, as it was a hundred years ago.

However, the fact is that due to technical improvements, we spend most of our time sitting, and it is harmful to health. How many would not speak about the high cost of treatment weightlifters who are injured, requiring surgery, in fact most of the cost of treatment is associated with cardiovascular diseases and cancer (the two main groups of diseases), as well as with the numerous complications resulting from obesity, which are on the list once the first two (of heart disease is the most common complication due to obesity). But if technical improvements have led to a sedentary lifestyle, which is detrimental to our health, why not answer it is also using technology?

We are not talking about dependence on pharmaceuticals to maintain your health. I’m talking about the ability of the supplement industry to stimulate motivation, physical performance, recovery and regulation of calories. Take into account the scientific research on the effectiveness of the impact of diet meal replacement products and on body composition and markers of fitness levels in older men and women. While the effectiveness of the additive was insufficient for weight loss (data about the specific additive and its composition are not disclosed), it was found that the use of a meal replacement in conjunction with exercise has a positive effect on the level of physical condition and reduced adipose tissue.

For every person who, in your opinion, is a specialist in nutritional supplements or practicing bodybuilder image of life there are 10 people who either do not trust sportpitu or fear him. Under pain of sports nutrition, I do not mean the fear of such products in general, and the fact that there are many people who think that the simultaneous reception of different products will automatically lead to side effects or harm to health, some even suggest that the increase muscle exceeds the desired level.

Today it is obvious that the decision to build the own course of nutritional supplements can be independently unsuccessful, and almost always in this course include stimulants or caffeine-based products. Everyone has heard it before, or asked the question “whether the two are combined pre-workout supplements?” or “Can I take this pre-workout supplement with this fat burner?. To be clear: none of stimulant in the history of sports nutrition industry was not created in order to take it together with any other stimulating additives.

Part of this misconception is the result of advertising. Unfortunately, in order to attract the attention of potential customers using the most colorful description of how you will feel by receiving the advertised products. However, when the advertising gives a guarantee muscle set for a certain period of time or shows a product so powerful that it can cause health problems – this is too much.

For those who do not believe in the effectiveness of sports nutrition, it should be noted that the basic elements of many ingredients and amino acid analogs in concentrated amounts found in food. In addition to creating and protein (especially branched-chain amino acids and other amino acids contained in the protein), there are very few additives, which are directly related to muscle growth.

Most of the additives are related to an increase in performance and recovery, which is a necessary part of the process of increasing muscle mass. Research of sports nutrition and steroids often lose sight of the fact that muscle growth is directly related to training. If you just sit at home, no muscle growth will not be, even if you are taking steroids.

For those who do not trust the food supplements because of the high level of education, it should be noted that much of the research to refute the effectiveness of sports nutrition, refers to popular supplements like L-arginine, which is the efficiency in terms of muscle pumping and improve efficiency is refuted by many, who use it to your workout. However, the effectiveness of each refutation sport pita there is a study which suggests beneficial effect of ingredients such as coralline malate and GPLC (glycine propionic L-carnation) in terms of muscular endurance and improves efficiency.

In addition, some studies discrediting nutritional supplements poorly thought out. Often, such studies on the increase of lean body mass held for a short period of time (4 – 8 weeks) and include ingredients that are intended to increase endurance / or recovery efficiency. And these results are used to disprove the positive effect of the admission of sports nutrition, while the addition of creating and amino acids, many ingredients additives contribute to the performance or recovery that provides muscle growth, if diet and workout goals match.

A special case of this approach is the scientific study on the effectiveness of sports nutrition containing protein / carbohydrate in which researchers has attempted to find the relationship between the additive and muscle performance in spite of the fact that it is intended to accelerate the recovery of the body. However, they managed to find markers, indicating a rapid recovery due to the use of sports nutrition containing protein / carbohydrate.

Another frequently criticized aspect of the supplement industry is pre-workout sports nutrition. It is well known that caffeine reduces efficiency while taking creating, but not enough to use pre-workout discredited based additives stimulants. The strength is mainly dependent on the central nervous system, so the caffeine’s ability to reduce the pain associated with the performance of physical exercise, as well as increase the level of intensity is very real.

In addition, a study on people who lead a sedentary lifestyle (do not perform physical exercise on a regular basis), showed that low-calorie energy drinks contribute to their psychological adaptation to physical exercise. This is very important when you consider that it gives the body a chance to adapt to stress (exercise), for which he is not prepared.

Sports nutrition can be important even for beginners in the aspect of overcoming the psychological stress associated with the performance of. Other studies on certain common ingredients, in particular as a result of accelerating the recovery of L-receiving L-carnation tartrate, described by many experts sportpitu. As well as the latest information on supplements that contains glutamine and creating.

As for concerns about too many received food additives, too much of anything is bad (see “The most important principle of life, nutrition and exercise: moderation.”) That applies to sports nutrition. The biggest concern the results of sports nutrition research is the fact that the fat-soluble vitamins (e.g., A, D, E and K) have a degree of toxicity and the reception of too many any amino acids, e.g., L-leonine, can inhibit absorption of other amino acids.

Another cause for concern by the NCAA is that excess protein supplementation leads to dehydration. At the moment the NCAA does not recommend taking protein supplements in the amount of more than 40 grams at a time. However, if the sports nutrition to take in accordance with the recommendations, there is no cause for concern. The safety and efficacy of creating constantly finds new evidence, and gaining in popularity lately amino acids, for example, L-carnation L-tartrate, also have been pre-tested for safety.

In conclusion, we note that carry out their own little research on the ingredients of food additives prior to their acquisition and use is necessary, but it does not mean that sports nutrition is ineffective. In each study, which discredits the supplement, there is research that confirms its efficiency and effectiveness of each ingredient discredited and if taken properly, they can become an indispensable element of your diet.

It is also necessary to remember that very few products, equipoise definition are directly related to muscle growth, generally they are aids for training, so do not be afraid that you will become too bulky, or will look like bodybuilders in advertising, if you use a single product to increase endurance and the other – for recovery.

Organize your meals and equipoise course simple

In order to eat properly it is necessary to regularly replenish supplies of food in the house to eat at intervals of 2-4 hours, for 5 to 6 times per day. The main task is to take equipoise, to get everything prepared in advance, it is equally important to understand that you can eat varied and tasty.

Below are a few tips:
1. It is important to store food properly. Returning home after shopping, disassemble the product; remove the fat from the meat, with poultry fat and unwanted skin. Cut and place in portions in bags with a zipper, so your fish, meat and poultry are ready to cook and save your time on weekdays. Calories not only can read and memorize, but also to register them immediately  marker on the package. Wash the fruit and spread of the containers on the day of the week or in packages. So much easier not to go the temptation  to overeat them with vegetables do all the same. In your refrigerator now, clean and tidy!

  1. Plan everything in advance
    sometimes the only rational solution for the unorganized individuals becomes SCHEDULE.Prove notebook or diary that you need to do to have every day the food was harvested. With this method the ha bit. Fill in the calendar with all the works to be carried out and the period of their execution (buy products, get the chicken out of the freezer to defrost, put the chicken in the steamer, etc.), set a reminder in their gadgets.
  2. Preparation of food for 2-3 days
    remains only get cooked food portions and put it in the bag!
    Prepare the main meat dish and a side dish for 3 days. Arrange portions of the containers; do not forget to sign it. Portions should correspond to the diet and the diet that you picked for yourself.
  3. Delay Timer – a find!
    In the morning you can get a meat or fish laying in multimarket or steamer.Set delay timer, so that in after your walk or jog the food was ready and still hot. Even you can take a piece of meat, rub it with spices, foil or put in the sleeve for baking. Put in the fridge and takes a whole day with their chores, work, children, gym. Returning home at night, remove the blank and send it in the oven, set the timer. Now you can continue to do their own thing!
  4. Prepare yourself for a compliance regime, every morning, every day!Adjust yourself mentally – now you’re a supporter of healthy lifestyle for a lifetime! Clean and wash  the containers, pick up a new set of food for the next day. Take do it all in the habit of humbly doing these little rituals every day every day every deepen.
  5. If you suddenly catastrophically do not have time to cook a full meal and then try to prepare yourself something very simple and useful – for example, the roll of lettuce, slices of meat inside, vegetables in a sauce, use yogurt or kefir.

Many say that the planning equipoise cycle is important, but planning scheduling, switch to a proper diet  and healthy lifestyle is very organizes: there is plenty of spare time, feel more energy.
By applying these tips into practice, you’ll wonder how actually easy to eat right! How nice when everything is organized, prepared, all at your fingertips. How nice to live on the regime, all prosper, and even prettier by the day.


Milk plus equipoise – a great product for the athlete.

Milk – it’s one of the best and affordable products for the bodybuilder. It contains milk protein, which is well absorbed by our body. Compared with any other protein products, milk – the most affordable price range for the protein source.Agree, this factor is not without significance for many people.

Take equipoise is very useful. But if you add a little sugar (sand or refined), then such  a drink would be even more useful! On the one hand, the sugar is not very useful for athletes, especially for frequent use in a large amount.However, scientists have found that adding a small portion of sugar in the milk increases the efficiency of digestion of milk protein by the body!

Scientists conducted a study – asked two groups of people taking equipoise steroid daily. In the first group to the protein added to 100 grams of sugar. The second group used only the “pure” protein. According to the study in the first group of protein uptake was 85% and 80% in the second.

Conclusion: eating milk protein, add the sugar. You can say that the difference is only 5%, this is not essential. On the one hand, yes. But on the other hand, if you take 150 grams of protein every day, in a month it will go into the food additive is already measured in kilograms. With regular this diet, for the year with the addition of your muscles will absorb the protein by 2-3 kg more sugar in milk. Accordingly, the increase in muscle mass will also be more!

Why does a small amount of sugar can improve the absorption of protein?

  1. The presence of sugar in the body allows fewer amino acids start to “fuel”.
  2. Sugar stimulates the secretion of insulin – a strong anabolic hormone.Moreover, ordinary sugar far superior lactose – lactose.

So in conclusion I would like to say the following. Eat small amounts sugar with milk. And be sure to watch the sensations and results.

However, many may appear a question: if the sugar is so useful, why not use it with other products? Answer the following: sugar helps milk protein, but not investigated how  positively affected by the addition of sugar to other products. So massively eat sugar in any diet we should not. Learn more about equipoise results. Restrict itself only in combination with milk. For fans of milk protein, sugar intake should work on gradually increasing the muscles!


Equipoise and its significance

Every man wants to develop a force grip, someone as a bonus, the other to build a successful career in the sport. The objectives are different, and yet as far as progress in bodybuilding and regular visits to the gym, to know about how to increase the strength of the grip correctly, it is necessary. And that’s why.

Strong grip why he, and who needs? Obviously, anyonewho has already given yourself a high load, understands the importance of the increase forearm strength. Working through the biceps with weights, working on deadlights or many other exercises, the athlete feels the need to increase the power of their hands; otherwise the burden on specific muscles increase is not possible. Weight just simply does not hold.

Shells and slip out of hands, it is not very nice, it spoils the mood and negates the performance  of the technique. Slip out will not load, as necessary to the main group of muscles. It leads to injury. Sports such as judo, karate, fight, arm wrestling, unthinkable without a strong hand grip. Then, as listed in the main directions of sports training emphasizing the development of powerful-grip of hands, for many others, this technique does not quite fit. In the case of bodybuilding enough to the extent necessary to strengthen the muscles and ligaments, examples of exercises are given below.
There are a number of simple, but quite a few effective exercises that are in the correct sequence and combination will lead to tangible results in relation to the development of the power of your hands.

Belt or rope stretching. This fun exercise  where the sailors used to the soldiers, even during Tsarist Russia. Fights then happened very often, and in rukopashke all means are good as it is known. Time gives way to one another; the method remains effective as before. It is necessary to take equipoise. The rope should be stretched, as if trying to break it. Organize the exercise, for tangible results, should be done by 25 stretches for 4 sets. Only at first glance it seems like a simple exercise, after 15 reps you will feel the power of this method.
Pull-ups on a rope
The principle is the same; the effect is many times more. IMPORTANT!! Do not wound around the loop around the wrist, it will reduce the load on the grip. Will be enough for the first place, let alone pulling and triceps work simultaneously. Simple hanging, yields results.

Climbing the rope with area complex given to strengthen the single grip only in the works include the altissimo dorsa and the press. Continue to climb until the hands are not onemeyut from stress, you feel that the hands of hard-compressed in a fist. Learn some information about equipoise results. Exercise for your new, that’s why you feel powerless soon, from the start of implementation.

Climbing on the horizontal bars
is no less effective, while not sophisticated method to enhance grip. Climb need to complete failure. You must rest and then start again. The point is that the maximum load was so that the first step is given with difficulty.
Vis on the crossbeam
simple and quite popular exercise. Many remember him from the lessons of physical culture. Hang all the way, to hang on until the end of the fingers, every second has a weight. Focusing determined compression strength of your hand in the near future. At some point, you will already be able to freely hung for 10 – 15 minutes, for the progress of wear extra weight.

Compression Expander
This exercise is not news to anyone; it will be the perfect solution to combine expander with any other exercise. Take in the arm and gripper Suck relief forearms, it’s simple.

So, the right combination of exercises above to effectively  implement the dream of a powerful-grip. Add to them the dumbbells, do different workouts. When you take equipoise steroid, remember that the result of one day can not be achieved. Try again and again, and one day your hands will turn into steel vise, open world of bodybuilding with us.